DMs Guild Review – Books & Libraries

Adds a variety of magical and mundane books to your D&D campaign, from spellbooks and mimics to eldritch volumes and planar novels.

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Books are often a source of mystery and intrigue, particularly in fantasy worlds full of arcane spellbooks and infernal rituals. “Books & Libraries” goes far beyond filling out a few sample lore books and spellbooks, however, creating a huge variety of scholarly loot, devious traps, and even extradimensional history books.

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Let’s Play – XCOM 2: War of the Chosen Episode 23: Psionic Storm

Nothing but psionic enemies in a train mission, then we raid an alien facility in Australia.

DLC: War of the Chosen, Tactical Legacy Pack, Resistance Warrior Pack
Mods: Commander’s Choice
Difficulty: Veteran

Episode 23: Psionic Storm

M33: Operation Blinding God – Raid the Advent Train

  • Cap. Undril ‘The Order’ Silvertusk (Specialist)
  • Col. Gillian ‘Triton’ Flounderson (Specialist)
  • Col. Georgiano ‘George’ Tortle (Ranger)
  • Maj. Xandala ‘Summerwise’ Cimber (Reaper)
  • Lt. Korinn ‘Draconic’ Dragonborn (Grenadier)
  • Lt. Kethra ‘Trickster’ Keyleth (Ranger)

M 34: Operation Doom Tower – Sabotage the Alien Facility

  • Lt. Kazin ‘Mind-Zei’ Eldric (Templar)
  • Cpl. Scarlet O’Fair (Grenadier)
  • Col. Georgiano ‘George’ Tortle (Ranger)
  • Maj. Xandala ‘Summerwise’ Cimber (Reaper)
  • Maj. Mauta ‘Shadowrun’ Kulia (Sharpshooter)
  • Lt. Tymerious ‘T.I.M.’ Marbrand (Specialist)

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