Rogue’s Adventures Now Has a Steam Group

RA steam group

This week Valve’s popular PC digital distribution and social gaming platform Steam underwent a rare major update, mostly in modernizing the Steam store page and adding more interesting ways to discover new games via Steam Curators.

Curators are formed from Steam groups, a way for like-minded gaming fans to get together. I, like many Steam users, never really paid much attention to Steam groups until now, as the Curator system is pretty interesting. Users can Follow like-minded groups or people such as TotalBiscuit and PC Gamer to see their recommendations.

With this new system in place I’ve finally made an official Rogue’s Adventures Steam group page. I added every game I’ve played on Rogue’s Adventures (Minus one, Beneath a Steel Sky is available on GoG but not Steam) into the Curator system, along with a brief note and a link to my Final Thoughts. Hopefully it will serve as a fun and easy way to view all the games I’ve played, as well as a more centralized hub that exists outside of Facebook (which I keep private for friends and family).




In keeping with this explosion of information all about me and my work, I’ve created an account for Pressfolio, a nifty site that pulls stories into nice little thumbnails to create an easy-to-use at-a-glance résumé of my work. I plan on keeping it up to date with the latest dozen or so stories. You can check it out at the link below, and I’ve updated the About Me and Contact pages to include the link.

Eric’s Pressfolio >>

15 Films That Always Stuck With Me

This was originally one of those chain Facebook posts where a friend tags you to do a list. In this case, listing the top 15 films that most affected you. So it’s not quite a list of favorites but probably pretty close.

Anyway, I wanted to post mine here as it’s already getting buried in Facebook and I think it’s a fun thing to remember. So, here we go:

This was super tricky, even with 15 to choose. As a film student I wish I could pick a lot of film classics that I do legitimately enjoy, but I had to go with the ones that continue to mean the most to me in my life. Which is of course mostly 80s-90s sci-fi and action films.

Here we go, in a vague but not exact order:
1) Tombstone
2) Terminator 2: Judgement Day
3) Jurassic Park
4) The Boondock Saints
5) Snatch
6) The Transformers: The Movie (1986)
7) Star Wars (Ep 4 A New Hope)
8) Braveheart
9) Aliens
10) Predator
11) Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
12) Die Hard
13) Pulp Fiction
14) Jaws
15) A Christmas Story

I purposefully neglected to include most animated/Disney films as watching them with my daughter these days has allowed them to take on even more precious meaning, so it would be a bit unfair.

In The Beginning

Well, maybe not so much the beginning. My games writing started in 2012 with my blog on Game Informer and my career as a semi-professional game critic, writer and journalist began a year later with Leviathyn. Thus, it’s way past time I created a centralized, personalized website that acts as a hub for all my articles and video content as I move further into freelance games writing.

Here is a single web page you can bookmark, subscribe to, or whatever your favorite method is for beaming information into your brain. As I already have an established gaming blog, this WordPress site will primarily be used to link to anything and everything I put out, as well as keeping you plugged in to my various social media sites. I may also post some random thoughts or personal notes here as well.

Everything I’ve written or recorded can be found by navigating the links at the top, and from this point on any new content will be given either an excerpt, embedded video or image, or whatever’s appropriate and point you to my newest work. This page is also handy for engaging with me directly by commenting on these posts rather than having to sign in or comment on each site I produce content for (though I certainly read and respond to those as well).

I appreciate any and all constructive feedback, and graciously thank you for taking the time to read this and check out my work.