Top Ten Tuesdays

A few months after starting my blog on Game Informer I embarked on a year long odyssey – to write a gaming-related Top Ten list every single week. The point was to keep me writing regularly, and top ten lists are a fun and popular topic for bloggers to explore.

Some lists turned out better than others, some took days of research while others I could crank out in a single morning, but all together it was an enjoyable experience, and certainly ended up bringing me my first bit of recognition about halfway through.

Below you’ll find links to all 50 lists, from January 2013 beginning with my Top Ten Games of 2012 to December where I muse about my Top Ten Dream Games. Bolded titles were featured in Game Informer’s weekly Blog Herding and/or email newsletter.

  1. My Top Ten Games of 2012
  2. My Top Ten Most Anticipated Games of 2013
  3. My Top Ten NES Games
  4. My Top Ten Game Designers
  5. My Top Ten Video Game Romances (Valentine’s Day)
  6. My Top Ten Video Game Leaders (President’s Day)
  7. My Top Ten Gameboy Games
  8. My Top Ten Animal Companions
  9. My Top Ten Metroidvania Games
  10. My Top Ten Top Ten Lists
  11. My Top Ten Sega Genesis Games
  12. My Top Ten Video Game Composers
  13. My Top Ten Disappointing Games
  14. My Top Ten Cooperative Games
  15. My Top Ten Years in Gaming
  16. My Top Ten Super Nintendo Games
  17. My Top Ten Moms in Gaming (Mother’s Day)
  18. My Top Ten Commandments for Adventure Games
  19. My Top Ten Superhero Games
  20. My Top Ten Fallen Heroes (Memorial Day)
  21. My Top Ten Most Addicting Games
  22. My Top Ten Dads in Gaming (Father’s Day)
  23. My Top Ten Nintendo 64 Games
  24. Our Top Ten Games We Play Together (With my wife)
  25. My Top Ten Rebel Leaders (Independence Day)
  26. My Top Ten Soundtracks
  27. My Top Ten Funniest Games
  28. My Top Ten Video Game Siblings
  29. My Top Ten Gamecube Games
  30. My Top Ten Video Game Openings
  31. My Top Ten Video Game Title Themes
  32. My Top Ten Moments from the Grand Theft Auto Series
  33. My Top Ten Playstation 2 Games
  34. My Top Ten Games I Wish I Could Play Again for the First Time
  35. My Top Ten Video Game Developers of the 90s
  36. My Top Ten Original Video Game Songs
  37. My Top Ten Game Boy Advance Games
  38. My Top Ten Moments From My XCOM Live Stream
  39. My Top Ten Dinosaur Games
  40. My Top Ten Moments from Grand Theft Auto V
  41. My Top Ten Nintendo DS Games
  42. My Top Ten Creepiest Moments in Gaming (Halloween)
  43. My Top Ten Video Game ReMixes
  44. My Top Ten Video Game Endings
  45. My Top Ten Xbox Live Arcade Games
  46. My Top Ten Games I Play With Friends (Thanksgiving)
  47. My Top Ten DLC & Expansion Packs
  48. My Top Ten Moments in Gaming
  49. My Top Ten Xbox 360 Games
  50. My Top Ten Dream Games (Christmas)

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