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Since 2015 I’ve been hosting and streaming weekly live play sessions with my best friends, playing through tabletop role-playing adventures on my YouTube channel. We started with Shadowrun, then fell in love with Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition.

Over the years we’ve played, and recorded and/or streamed Lost Mine of PhandelverPrinces of the ApocalypseStorm King’s Thunder (guest DM), Tomb of AnnihilationWar for the Lost Plane (Homebrew, Guest DM), and now Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden.

In 2017 I started expanding the scope of my channel. I began producing making reviews for Roll20 modules and DMs Guild adventures and sourcebooks.

In 2018, beginning with Tomb of Annihilation, I began live streaming weekly DM-only sessions, where I prepared for our next live D&D session. I also started the patreon!

In 2019, I began hosting monthly DM Roundtable discussions with patrons, which are recorded and uploaded to YouTube. I also started live streaming video game Let’s Plays.

In 2020 we started live streaming post-session chats after each D&D session.

In 2021 I started converting our latest campaign (Rime of the Frostmaiden) into a podcast, including Crafting streams and the post-session live chats.

In 2022 I doubled the Crafting streams to twice a week, and started creating bi-monthly 5e content, exclusive to patrons. We also unlocked some major stretch goals, including monthly Patron DnD games with Platinum Patrons, DM’d by me and uploaded to the YouTube channel!

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Live Stream Schedule (all times Central US):

  • Monday – Patreon-exclusive update video (Silver+) + Crafting D&D (live, 9:30p)
  • Thursday – Crafting D&D live play show (live, 11a)
  • Friday – D&D live play show (live, 9:30p-ish) + D&D post show (live, after DnD)

Video Upload Schedule:

  • Weekly: Roll20/DMs Guild/DTRPG Review*
  • Monthly: DM Roundtable, Patron DnD game*

*Gold+ Patrons get 24 hr early access to D&D video uploads.

Support my channel via Patreon!

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