Crafting Annihilation 8/22/19

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DMs Guild Review – That Sinking Feeling

Investigate mysterious shipwrecks that lead to a crooked mining operation in this mini-adventure for 9th level.

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Designed by: Peter “Zombie Pete” Aperlo

That Sinking Feeling” stands out as one of the higher level adventures I’ve reviewed. Designed for a party of 9th level characters, it’s set in the port city of Murran, where the party offers to investigate a recent spat of mysterious shipwrecks. It’s a solid mini-adventure with multiple dungeons, though the plain layout (and grid maps) and minimal presentation are a major step backward.

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Let’s Play – Tales from Candlekeep: Tomb of Annihilation Episode5

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Tomb of Annihilation Session 46 Recap

We stealthily infiltrate Wyrmheart Mine, discovering a kobold lair.

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Previously on Tomb of Annihilation

Mannix, level 6 Human Inquisitive Rogue/Wizard
Khaless, level 6 Half-Drow Assassin Rogue
Gillian, level 6 Triton Bard of Whispers
George, level 6 Tortle Battle Master Fighter/Rogue
Therin, level 6 Hill Dwarf Druid of the Moon

The party opted for the cautious, stealthy approach when it came to Wyrmheart Mine, scouting ahead and quietly assassinating kobold guards as they infiltrated the first floor.

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Let’s Play – Tales from Candlekeep: Tomb of Annihilation Episode 4

Weekly video game adventures. Streamed live twice a week.

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Goodreads Review – Cibola Burn (The Expanse #4)

Cibola Burn (The Expanse, #4)Cibola Burn by James S.A. Corey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The fourth Expanse book almost has the opposite problem of the third book, it sets up the characters, setting, and conflict in an exciting way, then drags on for most of the second half of the book.
Cibola Burn tackles early settlement of the first of the new worlds opened up by the gates at the end of the third book. A renegade group of Belters were the first through the gate, and by the time a giant corporation ship from Earth arrives to document, research, and set up facilities, the squatters/settlers are already entrenched, leading to political conflict, especially when the squatters sabotage the newly arrived ship.
In comes James Holden and the crew of the Rocinante to mediate. The human drama take precedent over the exotic alien planet, but the new characters (including a returning old one from the first book) are all solid new additions, particularly the villainous Murtry and passionate scientist Dr. Elvi Okoye.
A cataclysmic event separates the two halves of the novel, and the second half slows to a crawl as we transition into man vs nature. There are two main storylines, and the orbiting ships in space becomes way more interesting and action-packed than the plodding survival story on the planet’s surface.
I still love this series and the characters are fantastic, but so far most of them could benefit from better pacing and about 100 fewer pages.

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