DMs Guild Review – Rescue: A Familiar Tale

Play as daring animal companions on a stealthy rescue mission in this one-shot adventure.

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Designed by: Transparent GamesAnna KonczakAndrew BishkinskyiMatthew BoothBernardo Bueno

We all grew up with heroic anthropomorphic animals saving the day, yet the animal companions and familiars in Dungeons and Dragons are often an after-thought. In Rescue: A Familiar Tale, the adventurers are captured by a mind-flayer, leaving their familiars and companions behind to rescue them in this clever one-shot adventure.

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Sponsored Post Marshmallow Sweet Potato CasseroleNancyC

I first made this sweet potato casserole a few years ago at Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s one of those classic comfort food recipes and so popular for the holidays. It’s such an easy side dish to put together, too.


10 Best Zombie Board Games [Dicebreaker]

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‘Tis the season for wandering hordes of undead descending on unsuspecting small towns. It didn’t take long for the modern tabletop gaming industry to embrace one of the most cherished themes in geekdom. Zombie games feature tense survival scenarios amidst the exciting backdrop of a post-apocalyptic world with few rules but lots of guns.

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DMs Guild Review – The Owlbear

A character class where you embody one of the most iconic D&D creatures.

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Designed by: Jackson Lewis

Owlbears are one of the most iconic creatures in D&D. Kinda silly, kinda fluffy, and often ferocious. Who hasn’t looked at an owlbear and wanted an awesome pet? Better yet, what if you could just be an owlbear?

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Solasta may be the dice-obsessed D&D RPG you’re looking for [PC Gamer]

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Most videogame RPGs cite Dungeons & Dragons as their primary inspiration, but few directly adapt its rules. In a world of cooldowns and mana bars, D&D’s dice rolls, bonus actions, spell slots, and long rests can feel clunky and restrictive when applied to a videogame. Even Baldur’s Gate 3 makes many notable changes to make D&D more user-friendly, while indie RPG Solasta wears the 5e ruleset as a badge of honor, warts and all.

This is a game where combat is on a grid, where every d20 rolls on screen, and where jumping away from enemies is a sometimes-treat rather than a regular part of every meal.

While it may forever lurk in the shadow of Baldur’s Gate 3, its crunchy, dice-heavy combat is just what I want in a lean adaptation of the tabletop RPG.

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Let’s Play Gloomhaven TTS Episode 23

We play Gloomhaven on Tabletop Simulator!

Scenario # 31

Piccolo, level 8 Quatryl Soothsinger (Eric)
Igneous, level 5 Savvas Cragheart (Chris)
Scourge, level 7 Harrower Plagueherald (Heather)

TTS Mod: Gloomhaven – Fantasy Setup (Scripted UI)

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DMs Guild Review – Town Musicians of Bremen

A highly moddable one-shot based on the classic folk story.

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Designed by: Lucas Zellers

Town Musicians of Bremen is a one-shot based on the German folk story of the same name. Designed for Tier 1 (levels 1-4), the adventurers meet multiple D&D versions of the four animals from the folk story on their way to Bremen.

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DnD War for the Lost Plane Session 8 Recap

A river turns rapid as we make our way to the druid’s grove.

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Previously on War for the Lost Plane

Kaelan, level 14 tiefling Monster Slayer Ranger/Fiend Warlock
Scarlet, level 14 human Oath of Devotion Paladin
Gillian, level 14 triton Champion Fighter/College of Lore Bard
Kethra, level 14 half-elf Assassin Rogue
TIM, level 14 warforged War Domain Cleric

We barely hear each other over the roar of the rapids. Scarlet and Kethra work furiously to keep our little rowboat from capsizing.

TIM is mumbling and waving his hands, magically calming the water around us. I nearly break his concentration when I scream, “Waterfall!”

Ninety feet. Eighty feet. We’re soaking wet, crashing waves slamming into us as we approach the drop. Seventy feet. The boat lurches sideways, but Scarlet grunts and keeps us upright.

Forty feet. TIM is unnervingly calm, fighting nature itself. Styx, flying somewhere above, cackles gleefully.

Twenty feet.

A school of fish darts away. Was that a larger form in the water? It’s my last thought before we hit the sky, and my stomach drops out.

I open my eyes. We’re in the air, still in the boat, gently descending downward. My hands are still desperately clinging to the side of our battered rowboat. TIM is still chanting, keeping some water around us, but the rest of us look around in bewilderment.

Then we see her. Gillian. Triton. Emissary of the Sea, floating beside us, keeping us gently wrapped in her Featherfall spell.

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Unrailed Review [Pixelkin]

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Taking a cue from the much-loved co-op series Overcooked, Unrailed is a zany co-op survival adventure in which a team of players hurry to mine resources and lay tracks to keep their unstoppable train from crashing.

Unrailed lacks the visual charm of Overcooked but adds more dire stakes as the tracks stretch farther and farther.