Tabletop Role-Playing


I’m a big fan of tabletop role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons. Thanks to the prevalence of voice and video chat, as well as the magic of free role-playing sites like Roll20 my friends and I can enjoy the freedom and fun that role-playing around a table can bring while being hundreds of miles apart.

I’ve played D&D and Pathfinder as a player in previous years prior to becoming a GM/DM for the first time in the Spring of 2015. We began with Shadowrun Fifth Edition and ran five missions, three of which were hand-crafted and written by myself.

In the Fall of 2015 we began playing Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition, beginning with the Starter Set campaign, “The Lost Mine of Phandelver.”

We are currently playing through our third Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition campaign, “Storm King’s Thunder.” We stream and record our sessions every week on my YouTube channel.

You can find quick links to my weekly reports below. Each report includes an embedded video of our session.


Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition (September 2015 – Present)


My D&D House Rules (Last Updated 07/17/16)

The Shadow of the Wild – one-shot mini-adventure with guest DM! (10/24/16)

Den of the Rotten Kings – one-shot mini-adventure! (07/14/17)

The Haunt – one-shot spooky mini-adventure for Halloween! ( (10/30/17)


Lost Mine of Phandelver (Sep 2015 – Jan 2016)



Princes of the Apocalypse (Feb 2016 – Mar 2017)



Storm King’s Thunder (Mar 2017 – )


Shadowrun Fifth Edition (April – September 2015)

Shadowrun anniversary cover

Introducing our new Weekly Shadowrun Role-Playing Adventures (3/13/15)

“Not With a Whimper” 

“Road Rage”

“The Bodyguards”

“Splintered State”


13 thoughts on “Tabletop Role-Playing”

  1. Hi I have been watching your roll20 DnD games. I think they are entertaining. I do have a question. Was Miri’s damage understated after she got the gauntlets of ogre power? Seems like her fists should do min of 7 and with lightening 8. Star dam bonus +6 weapon +1 min die roll 1. I did really notice until the ghoul fight in session 1 of princes.


    1. Thank you! I believe you’re correct. I think for a while we forgot to change Miri’s attack stat from DEX to STR after her STR became higher with the gauntlets.
      At some point during the campaign we did make that change, but upon reaching level 8 she raised her DEX to 18, which gives her a +4, same as STR anyway.
      Currently with Lightbringer (+1) she has a +8 to hit, and deals 1d8 + 5 damage.


  2. Hi Eric, I’ve been watching your Lost Mine of Phandelver on You Tube. Thanks for posting that. My friends and I are getting ready to play and this is helpful for me as the soon to be DM.

    Where did you get the map for the ambush encounter? I’ve purchased the module on Roll20 and it is not part of the package.


  3. I want to thank you guys for some wonderful times listening to your games. I work on the ambulance and sometimes the calls I get are not pretty but I can always count on you guys to liven things up.
    P.S. When is Kalinaar going to return the paladin hero to his brother. I know he’s a lich, and time really doesn’t matter, but come on.
    GO TIM!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the kind comment Jimmy! Glad we can brighten your day, and I’m very appreciative of the work you do.
      Funny you should mention the lich’s quest. If you stay til the bitter end of Session 42 of Princes (like the last 8 seconds), he mentions that very quest. So we may get to it soon!


  4. Hi, Eric. Thank you for the videos and roleplaying content. I’ve so far listened to Mines of Phandelver and a bit of Princes of the Apocalypse. I’m a long-time D&D enthusiast, though I’ve barely hd a chance to play, and listening to your group’s adventures is always a lot of fun.


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