Roll20 Review – Rise of the Runelords

The original Pathfinder Adventure Path campaign is given an official Roll20 adaptation.

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Rise of the Runelords was the very first Adventure Path released for the then brand new Pathfinder tabletop RPG, in 2007 and 2008. An updated and expanded Anniversary Edition was released in 2012, celebrating its fifth anniversary.

Despite its age, Rise of the Runelords remains one of the most well-regarded campaigns to ever come out of Pathfinder, spanning a rich tapestry of monsters, exotic locations and dungeons, motivated villains, and a classic tale of a reemerging evil presence. With a plethora of well-constructed dungeons and solid multi-chapter organization, Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition is particularly well suited to Roll20, making it an excellent adventure for Pathfinder veterans and newcomers alike.


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