DMs Guild Review – The Book of House

Nearly 100 pages of new player races, subclasses, magic items, spells, were-forms, and other additions for D&D.

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Designed by:  Willy Abeel, with Natalie Barillaro, Steve Barett, Max Churak, Chris Diggins

I never imagined I would care about a Clown-based player race and their intricate culture. “The Book of House” devotes over 20 of its nearly 100 pages to dive deeply into the new Clonn race, treating this goofy idea with a serious attention to detail that I found delightful and fascinating.

“The Book of House” also contains three other player races, five new subclasses, new were-forms and rules, along with several new spells, feats, backgrounds, and magical items, creating an impressive all-in-one supplemental D&D tome. Best of all, all the races and subclasses can be purchased separately a la carte at the DMs Guild.

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