Monday Update Video (08/27) – Patreon Exclusive!


When I launched my Patreon page last Friday my goal was not to gate any of my current content behind a paywall. Instead I wanted to offer some nice extra perks for my awesome patrons, including credit acknowledgement on my videos, personal shout-outs, access to my DM Google Docs for D&D, and an exclusive weekly video every Monday.

These Monday Update videos will be recorded and uploaded every Monday morning. It’s a shorter, more personal vlog-style video in which I’ll talk about what I’m working on that week, what my plans are for video and written content, as well as what board games and video games I’m playing.

The first video just went up today. To gain access to these personal videos, and help support more video content on my channel, I encourage you to check out my Patreon.

Thank you!

Author: roguewatson

Freelance Writer

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