Ranking the E3 2017 Press Conferences [Pixelkin]

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It’s a pompous, yet time-honored tradition to grade each publisher’s E3 press conference. Companies go through an interesting cycle every year where some have exciting new game announcements or console reveals while others tow the line with some extended trailers. And some just go completely bonkers.

Here is our ranking of the E3 2017 press conferences.

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E3 News!

I’m helping Pixelkin cover all the news and announcements from E3 2016.

Since I’ve been regularly writing daily news posts for Pixelkin.org, I was asked to help write additional news articles for the deluge of gaming news that is E3.

In the last three days I’ve written a total of 20 news articles, ranging from quick new game announcements to lengthy breakdowns of entire shows. Click here for a full list of my news posts. You can also check this constantly updated page here on my blog.

The Pixelkin crew has done an amazing job churning out stories covering absolutely everything at E3. It’s a fun and exhausting ride!