Roll20 Review- Guildmasters’ Guide to Ravnica

The arcane-punk urban world of Magic: The Gathering’s Ravnica gets an official fifth edition conversion with new races, subclasses, backgrounds, and a 1st-level adventure.

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roll20 reviewMy history with Magic: The Gathering is ancient to say the least. I was there on the front lines when it launched in the early 90s, obsessing over booster packs and deck builds, and playing it in between band practice in middle school. By high school its popularity with my friends and I had worn out a bit, though I still dabbled occasionally.

Fast forward about two decades and Magic is still riding high while other big collectible card games have come and gone. Despite both D&D and M:TG being owned by the same company, it’s taken until recently to get official crossover content. Gulidmasters’ Guide to Ravnica represents the first print book that uses lore, creatures, and races from the card game and converts them to Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition.

The Roll20 module includes a first level adventure, the full compendium of lore, races, and creatures, and a bonus character art pack. The guild-focused content is thorough and interesting, with plenty of options for players and ideas for DM’s wanting to run an adventure in this arcane-punk city.


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