Gaming Backlog Final Thoughts – This War of Mine

Effectively combines the physical danger and emotional toll of war with a strategy layer of managing survivors and resources.

I have finished another backlogged game via Rogue’s Adventures. You can read my latest Final Thoughts below and also on my gaming blog on Game Informer.

Developer: 11 bit Studios

Publisher: Deep Silver

Release Date: November 14, 2014

rogues adventure

This War of Mine presents an immediately intriguing concept – tell the story of a heart-breakingly realistic war, from the civilians caught in the middle. The setting has a decidedly Eastern European flavor, and uses real photos for all the characters. The realistic dialogue and attitudes of everyone effectively ratchets up the empathy and emotional resonance throughout the rather lengthy experience. The board game-like cadence of crafting by day and scavenging by night gets a little repetitive at the end, but the overall experience has a perfect difficulty ramp. It’s a constant battle for emotional and physical survival, creating a very memorable experience. Continue reading “Gaming Backlog Final Thoughts – This War of Mine”