DMs Guild Review – Psyborg: Fighter Subclass

Enhance your fighter with psybernetics and psychic spells with the Psyborg subclass.

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Designed by:  Anthony Joyce

Ah, fighters. Stalwart protectors. Can tank and dish out the damage and are BORING AS HELL. Sorry fighter fans. They even got shafted when it came to 5E subclasses, with Battle Master being the only real option (prove me wrong).

Psyborg: Fighter Subclass” adds a crazy big new subclass for my poor fighter friends, one which instantly makes me sit up and take notice. You may be worried about adding cybernetic – sorry, “psybernetic” -enhancements to your player characters, but the designer smartly uses spells and spell-like abilities featured in other classes to make the Psyborg much more balanced, at the cost of making it a bit less original.

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