Drake Hollow is a Satisfying Evolution of Fortnite: Save the World [Pixelkin]

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Played on: PC (Steam)
Release Date: TBA

Once upon a time, before Fortnite became a cultural phenomenon by embracing the explosive Battle Royale genre, it was a cooperative tower defense action game. Fortnite: Save the World (as it’s now called), tasked players with gathering materials, weapons, and supplies around randomly generated worlds to defend against waves of monstrous forces.

Drake Hollow follows a similar path (and art style) in the cooperative crafting-defense-action genre, with vast improvements and increased depth across every aspect of gameplay.

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The Flame in the Flood Preview [Pixelkin]

The Flame in the Flood is a survival-crafting game where you live off and survive against nature along a grand Southern river.

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the flame in the flood

Eleven days. That’s how long I could survive on my own. Well, I wasn’t completely alone. The dog had proven loyal and helpful. He was a walking backpack and alarm system. But he was no match for the pack of wolves I ran into when night fell just outside a ruined church. Eleven days.

The Flame in the Flood is an intriguingly named survival-crafting game. Several ex-BioShock developers formed an indie team and ran a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014 (which I backed). Now you can play the fruits of their labor right now via Steam Early Access, with the official release coming February 24.

The only mode available in Early Access is an Endless Campaign. It’s literally impossible to win – just try and survive as long as you can. Meanwhile the natural killers of hunger, thirst, and exposure are always just a step behind you.

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