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Midway through its third season, Lost was in a bit of a crisis. Its bulky seasons were proving unsustainable, and the show spent too much time focusing on minor characters or stirring up pointless side plots. It felt like it was being drawn out for far too long.

Showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse listened. They declared the sixth season would be the series’ last. They tightened the number of episodes in each season to around 15 and focused on providing answers to ongoing mysteries. Ratings stabilized, and now Lost is widely considered a pinnacle of modern story-telling in television.

The Walking Dead is currently experiencing its Lost season three moment. The good news is, though, there’s still time to fix it. In its translation from a black and white comic book series to television sensation, The Walking Dead‘s biggest hurdle hasn’t been violence, gore or characters. It’s pacing.