In the last few years board games have become the new darlings of Kickstarter, raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars. A growing subsection are board games based on video games, with the latest, Jagged Alliance: The Board Game, hitting Kickstarter today.

The board game is being developed by German game developer Underground Games who are partnering with games publisher THQ Nordic.

“Making Jagged Alliance into a board game experience has been an ambition of ours since we first played the series over two decades ago,” says Jan Wagner, Co-founder of Underground Games. “To finally bring JA to board games and add to its great legacy, is a unique opportunity for us! We aim to make a game that is as challenging and varied as the digital version, keeping players on the edge as they make life and death decisions by the minute.”

Jagged Alliance: The Board Game is a cooperative 1-4 player tactical game featuring minis, modular maps, and multiple campaign books. Underground Games promises over 1000 hours of content through the replayable campaign and scenarios.

The scenarios and campaign books let you choose to play either a quick 45-minute skirmish map or a succession of missions in a full campaign.

The Kickstarter campaign is seeking 50,000 euros (about $59,000 USD). The cheapest pledge that nets you the game costs 59 euros (about $69 USD). If you want to shell out the big bucks you could become a lieutenant or even the other dictator boss in the game.

As always with Kickstarter games shipping is charged separately, with expectations ranging from $10 to $20.

The estimated delivery date is November 2018.

From glancing at the campaign I’m getting strong vibes of XCOM: The Board Game with the soldier minis and different missions. The Sector Maps looks to provide actual tactical combat that the XCOM game sorely lacked.

Despite loving the tactical strategy genre I never really got into Jagged Alliance, always preferring sci-fi or fantasy to modern military. But Jagged Alliance: The Board Game looks like a really solid, high quality effort to translate the video game into a very meaty tabletop production.