DMs Guild Review – The Starlight Relic

Retrieve a relic from a forgotten temple hidden in the forest in this one-shot level 7 adventure.

A review copy of “The Starlight Relic” was provided by the publisher.

Designed by: Ashley Warren

dms guild reviewThe Starlight Relic” is the third adventure in Ashley Warren’s “A Requiem of Wings” series, but you needn’t have played or read the first two to understand this one (and I confess, I have not). The adventure stands on its own as a self-contained artifact retrieval mission for level 7 PCs, with an excellent mix of puzzles, combat, and social encounters.

The PCs are summoned to the town of Magra by a wood-working merchant and musician, Vela Kapra. Vela has recently discovered the location of an important artifact, the titular relic, capable of repelling both celestials and demons. That’s a powerful thing to have when your city lies in the middle of an ongoing war between angels and demons.

There’s a few paragraphs of background information involving the region of Eberez, the city of Magra, and the war, but none of it is particularly necessary if your players want to jump right in.  Continue reading “DMs Guild Review – The Starlight Relic”

DMs Guild Review – The Executioner’s Daughter

A solo adventure that’s all about the story.

A review copy of “The Executioner’s Daughter” was provided by the publisher.

Designed by: Ashley Warren

DMs Guild ReviewI have heard of solo adventures – adventures designed for only a single player and a DM, but never actually sat down and flipped through one. I don’t have a basis of comparison but “The Executioner’s Daughter,” isn’t a standard adventure, but more of an interactive story. It’s a fairly linear one-shot with some great writing that puts the PC in a more secondary support role to the true titular star.

The adventure takes place in Soldra, a city ruled by a monarchy and religious devotion to Bahamut, the god of good dragons. The story hinges on a classic mythology trope: the young woman being sacrificed by the village to stave off an ancient evil. Continue reading “DMs Guild Review – The Executioner’s Daughter”