Tomb of Annihilation Session 11 Recap

Weretigers, Flying Monkeys, and Mad Mist, oh my! The party continues their travels up river, finally arriving in Camp Righteous.

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Previously on Tomb of Annihilation

Mannix, level 3 Human Inquisitive Rogue
Khaless, level 3 Half-Drow Assassin Rogue
Gillian, level 3 Triton Bard of Whispers
George, level 3 Tortle Battle Master Fighter
Therin, level 3 Hill Dwarf Druid of the Moon

Travel along the River Soshenstar toward Camp Righteous continued. Where last week was mostly a series of standard combat encounters, this time I unleashed several encounters that weren’t directly hostile.

Well, except for the weretiger. Continue reading “Tomb of Annihilation Session 11 Recap”