D&D 5E “Princes of the Apocalypse” Session 51 Recap

We discover the water node and confront the new would-be leader of the Cult of the Crushing Wave.

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Previously on “Princes of the Apocalypse”

It’s boss battle time! I got lucky with the timing and received a whole week between sessions to prep for the confrontation at the water node. “Princes of the Apocalypse” has a lot of neat “if the PCs do this, then change this” situations. Mostly they have to do with the free-form order in which the PCs can tackle the four elemental cults.

If the Cult of the Crushing Wave’s prophet was previously defeated, then one of the big monsters in the final water dungeon, an aboleth, attempts to gain control of the cult.

I had to tease the creature through a bunch of cultists since my party unfortunately skipped the entire Western section of the Plunging Torrents, which features the worshiping Kuo-Toa and the aboleth’s lair.

I have a lot of fun role-playing monstrous creatures. The aboleth, named Yngukulub (whom my players affectionately referred to as Young Giggle Cub) provided a fun chance to dig into my players’ heads, tempting their characters with their deepest desires. Continue reading “D&D 5E “Princes of the Apocalypse” Session 51 Recap”