DMs Guild Review – Cult of the Glutton

Delve into a troglodyte-infested cave in this thematically-rich dungeon crawl for 5th-10th level.

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Designed by: JVC Parry

Cult of the Glutton” is a one-shot dungeon crawl designed for Tier 2 play – that’s 5th-10th level heroes, although a Tier 2 party would have a hell of a time actually beating the final CR 20 boss at the end!

It’s an old-fashioned dungeon in that it’s devoid of story in favor of combat, traps, hazards, and lots of loot. On the plus side the actual dungeon design is absolutely delightful, with multiple branching paths, dungeon denizens that actually make sense, and plenty of secret passages and fun trap ideas. Continue reading “DMs Guild Review – Cult of the Glutton”