DMs Guild Review – Grimm Encounters II

A dozen D&D encounters drawn and inspired from classic Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

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Designed by: JVC Parry (+ Alex Clippinger, Beatriz T. Dias, Jeff C. Stevens, Ken Carcas, and Molly Meadows)

dms guild reviewFairy tales are classic story-telling devices, but the ones featured in “Grimm Encounters II” aren’t exactly the Disney-fied versions with singing and happy endings. This collection of 12 D&D encounters written by six different DMs Guild authors is based on the original, and sometimes very dark, Grimm’s Fairy Tales from the 19th century.

Each encounter is 2-5 pages long and designed to easily drop into a multitude of situations and environments, ranging from a single combat encounter to full on one-shots. The level ranges differ for each, with a generic Tier listed instead of specific levels (most are Tier 1 or 2). Since they’re based on fairy tales, expect to see several overlapping themes and archetypes, including evil witches, curses, and polymorphed victims. Continue reading “DMs Guild Review – Grimm Encounters II”