DMs Guild Review – The City of Eyes

Unravel the mystery of an eldritch urban nightmare in this high level Ravenloft adventure.

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Published by: Oliver Clegg

Ravenloft provides the perfect D&D setting for Gothic and eldritch horror, and Curse of Strahd is (correctly) considered one of the best published Fifth Edition adventures to date. Any DMs Guild adventure that artfully blends classic horror tropes with intriguing storytelling in a Ravenloft setting quickly gets my attention. But I was unprepared for the sheer breadth of content and attention to detail with “The City of Eyes.”

“The City of Eyes” is a 15th level (!) adventure that takes place entirely within a dark dimensional noir city, under constant rain fall and stalked by terrors of the night. The adventure plays out like a tense, cooperative Arkham Horror-style board game as players work to unravel the mystery and escape from the mystical city before they’re driven mad, or worse.

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