Gaming Backlog Final Thoughts – Darkest Dungeon

An excellent, unique 2D tactical dungeon crawler severely hampered by late-game pacing.

Adventuring through my backlog of games, one game at a time. 

Developer: Red Hook Studios
Publisher: Merge Games
Release Date: August 19, 2016
Played On: PC

I live streamed my entire play through of Darkest Dungeon!

There’s a lot to like about Darkest Dungeon. The XCOM-like heroes who are both crucial and disposable. The large variety of character classes and build styles. The synergy between classes and skills, and the rewarding knowledge of enemies and lairs. And the way the art, music, narration, and difficulty all tie into the richly immersive eldritch horror theme.

I should have fallen in love and never looked back, but the tactical dungeon crawler began giving off a foul stench as it tried to last long past its expiration date, all but ruining the entire experience.

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Let’s Play – Darkest Dungeon Episode 06: The Inchoate Flesh

I get really lucky on a boss run in the Warrens, then try my first level 3 mission in the Weald.

I stomped the second boss of the Warrens thanks to a lucky Scouting map that took me right to the boss. That saggy bag of flesh didn’t stand a chance against the blight-stacking powers of my Plague Doctor and Grave Robber.

Afterwards I tried my first Lvl 3 mission in the Weald. I saw new enemy types that hit much, much harder. But at this point my best heroes are level 4, and health isn’t a problem with my super-star Vestel around.

Since the first mission went so quickly I had time to squeeze in a third, a short lvl 1 mission back in the Warrens. I rotated in some lower level heroes, including an Occultist for the fist time, whom I wasn’t terribly impressed with. Not a hard run but everyone ended up diseased, ugh! Stupid Warrens.

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Let’s Play – Darkest Dungeon Episode 01: You Can’t Bleed the Undead

In case you missed it: my first episode of my new live streaming Let’s Play series.

We’re starting with Darkest Dungeon, and it’s a totally blind playthrough. Thankfully chat is there to help!

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