Roll20 Review – Stranger Things D&D Starter Set

Hunt down the Thessalhydra, journey to the Upside Down, and survive the Demogorgon in this officially licensed D&D Starter Set.

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Like many geeks Stranger Things is one of my favorite shows, and not just because the series opens with a group of 80s kids playing tabletop Dungeons & Dragons in the basement. It’s supremely cool to see an official D&D tie-in product, as no small number of players became D&D fans at least in part by Stranger Things.

The Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set has everything you need to quickly jump in and play D&D, using the included pre-made characters. The adventure is ripped straight out of the series as the adventurers hunt down the monstrous Thessalhydra, with plenty of literal and metaphorical nods to the show along the way.


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