DMs Guild Review – The Executioner’s Daughter

A solo adventure that’s all about the story.

A review copy of “The Executioner’s Daughter”¬†was provided by the publisher.

Designed by: Ashley Warren

DMs Guild ReviewI have heard of solo adventures – adventures designed for only a single player and a DM, but never actually sat down and flipped through one. I don’t have a basis of comparison but “The Executioner’s Daughter,” isn’t a standard adventure, but more of an interactive story. It’s a fairly linear one-shot with some great writing that puts the PC in a more secondary support role to the true titular star.

The adventure takes place in Soldra, a city ruled by a monarchy and religious devotion to Bahamut, the god of good dragons. The story hinges on a classic mythology trope: the young woman being sacrificed by the village to stave off an ancient evil. Continue reading “DMs Guild Review – The Executioner’s Daughter”