DMs Guild Review – The Hag’s Hexes

Sixty pages of Hag-related monsters, lore, curses, and adventures.

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Designed by:  Tim Bannock, with Matt Butler, JVC Parry, Janek Sielicki

Hags are a classic foe in literature and increasingly in the horror genre in the form of witches. They’re no strangers to the world of Dungeons & Dragons, receiving three types in the Monster Manual (Green, Night, Sea) as well as a detailed section and another two hag variants (Annis, Bheur) in Volo’s Guide to Monsters.

In case you need even more hag-related content, there’s “The Hag’s Hexes.” It’s a 60-page supplement with a very obvious theme, featuring new statblocks for hags and hag-related allies, as well as magic items, curses and bargains, mini one-shot adventures, and tips on role-playing.

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