Roll20 Review – Xanathar’s Guide to Everything + Underworld Speculation

The Roll20 bundle includes everything in the published guidebook as well as a level 3 AL module, Underworld Speculation.

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Xanather’s Guide to Everything is an all-encompassing supplement and compendium for both players and DMs, though geared much more towards players. Its biggest feature are new subclasses for every single class, opening a lot more variety and player builds, while also including firm rules on frequent rules questions and options, such as downtime, magic item distribution, and detailed usage for tool proficiencies.

The Roll20 bundle includes everything in the book, as well as an adaptation of an Adventurer’s League module, “Underworld Speculation,” which features the titular beholder in a really fun, unique way. Xanather’s makes for a great addition for any serious Roll20 adventuring group, though its complete lack of monster sheets, tokens, art, and maps also make it the least important.


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