Foregone aims to be the next brutal 2D brawler [PC Gamer]

Read the full preview at PC Gamer

Deep in the laboratory, a new enemy that looks like a Bane cosplayer teleports next to me, slamming into the ground and knocking out half my health in a single strike. I scramble to unload a quick series of sword strikes before he disappears. I roll to the side this time when he warps back, finishing him off with a shotgun blast. Unfortunately I rolled too close to a pair of sword-spinning goblins, forcing me to jump into a stream of bullets from a nearby minigun-wielding soldier. I curse as my body is vaporized, showering the ground with hard-earned gold and crystals and sending me back to the outpost to try again.

Death is a frequent and frustrating occurrence in Foregone, a challenging 2D action-platformer out on the Epic Game Store’s version of Early Access this week.

Read the full preview at PC Gamer

Author: roguewatson

Freelance Writer

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