Hack and slash through Hindu mythology in Raji: An Ancient Epic [PC Gamer]

Read the full preview at PC Gamer

My knowledge of Ancient Indian culture doesn’t extend much beyond the names of Final Fantasy summons Shiva and Ramuh. But if indie brawler Raji: An Ancient Epic had existed alongside Tolkien, Dungeons & Dragons, and Jason and the Argonauts in my formative years, I would have been just as absorbed by the fascinating, culturally rich world of Ancient India it presents.

Raji: An Ancient Epic explores the woefully underused world of Hindu Mythology, an intriguing setting of warring gods and grotesque demons that creates a fantastic backdrop for a hack-and-slash brawler. Unfortunately the early level demo is plagued with serious framerate issues and performance bugs.

Read the full preview at PC Gamer

Author: roguewatson

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