Three Spooky Board Games For Families [Pixelkin]

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We don’t usually think of Halloween as sitting around the table playing board games. This trio of excellent spooky-themed board games from Ravensburger and Funko Games should be added to our annual traditions. And not just for Halloween.

Whether you’re working together to defeat classic movie monsters, or competing to see the most ghosts at Disney’s Haunted Mansion, these family games are great for any time of the year.

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10 Best Zombie Board Games [Dicebreaker]

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‘Tis the season for wandering hordes of undead descending on unsuspecting small towns. It didn’t take long for the modern tabletop gaming industry to embrace one of the most cherished themes in geekdom. Zombie games feature tense survival scenarios amidst the exciting backdrop of a post-apocalyptic world with few rules but lots of guns.

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The 10 Best RPG Board Games [Dicebreaker]

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Tabletop RPGs provide some of the most memorable experiences you can have at the table, whether it’s cheering at a clutch dice roll, gasping after a dramatic payoff or laughing at the charming antics of Tim the Goblin. But tabletop RPGs require a substantial time commitment, a dedicated game master and proper planetary alignment for everyone’s schedules.

Thankfully there are an ever-increasing amount of RPG board games aiming to recreate different parts of the roleplaying experience.

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The Secret Unknown Stuff Trilogy [Tabletop Gaming Magazine]

Pick up Issue #30 of Tabletop Gaming Magazine

I interviewed the developers at Sentient Cow Games about their debut tabletop game Escape from Dulce and their plans for an entire trilogy on their wonderfully weird Secret Unknown Stuff sci-fi universe.

9 Great Family-Friendly Board Games [Pixelkin]

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Screen time is always a concern for parents, even those of us who look at video games’ potential as a positive influence in our children’s lives. Mobile gaming alone has exploded into a multi-billion dollar industry. In this age it’s no longer a question if young people play games, it’s which ones.

There are a lot of wonderful, deep, expensive options out there for adults. But if you’re looking for a solid modern board game for the family, we’ve got you covered right here. Here is our list of nine great kid-friendly board games you can enjoy with the whole family.

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Top 10 Crowd-Pleasing Tabletop Party Games [GuideLive]

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A good party game has to fulfill certain criteria. It must very easy to teach and play, and support a large number of players. Party games don’t need to be limited to thinly-veiled icebreakers, however. And they should definitely be (mostly) playable while drinking.

The modern board gaming scene is full of a diverse collection of games. Many of them are specifically suited for casual groups and parties, and most you can grab for less than $20.

If you’ve graduated from the days of beer pong into the wonderful world of tabletop gaming, here are some suggestions for your next favorite party game.


Live Segment on Good Morning Texas: Fun Family Board Games to Play This Holiday Season

Watch the video of my live segment on great family board games from Good Morning Texas!

Good Morning Texas, board games cropped

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post I got to to go on the local ABC affiliate here in Dallas this morning and talk about some of my favorite recommended board games for families.

Click the link below to watch my full 5 minute segment! Big thanks to my awesome sister who’s a PR machine – follow her cooking and gardening page at The Rose Table.

Good Morning Texas, backstage