DMs Guild Review – The Malady Chronicles

Nine disease-themed mini-adventures drawn from the plagues provided in The Malady Codex.

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Designed by: Jason Bakos, Themis Paraskevas, Tal Aviezer, Clan Crafter Hralding, Dylan Hyatt, Chad M. Lensch, GM Lent, Richard Malena-Webber, C M O’Halloran, John D. Parker, Blaise Wigglesworth.

When I reviewed The Malady Codex almost exactly a year ago, I was impressed with its deadly new diseases, based on all-too-real real-world diseases. The Malady Chronicles takes these diseases a step further, featuring nine adventures based on The Malady Codex – though you don’t need the codex as all the information is included here.

The adventures learn toward shorter one-shots and each features a disease-related theme, with emphases on investigating and combating these terrible and swift plagues.

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