D&D One-Shot Special – The Blood Halls of Emerald Cove Recap

The one-shot crew searches for missing villagers in an abandoned temple in this special Friday the 13th session.

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Scarlet O’Fair, lvl 4 Human Paladin of Devotion
Falafel, lvl 4 Half-Elf Bard of Lore
Corven, lvl 4 Kenku Monk of the Long Death

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for a one-shot adventure, starring our semi-regular one-shot crew, last seen exploring the haunted mansion of Brightblossom.

This time Chris and I swap seats in the DM’s chair, as the party investigates missing townsfolk and a village with a murderous past.

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DriveThruRPG Review – The Wizard’s Egg

Infiltrate an arcanepunk laboratory to destroy some stolen devices in this Tier 1 one-shot adventure.

Review copies of “The Wizard’s Egg” were provided by the publisher. Find more tabletop RPG reviews on my website and YouTube channel.

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Designed by: Darren Steele and Daniel Hodges

When I see a one-shot adventure, I expect one of two things: a self-contained side trek that can easily be dropped into my ongoing campaign, or a simple but fun one-off for new or side PCs to tackle in between our main campaign.

With an ambitious arcane-punk city setting, “The Wizard’s Egg” tends more toward the latter. There’s a bit too much lore and world-building involved in a one-shot but the heist is effective and the ovoid laboratory is a memorable and neatly designed dungeon to tackle for Tier 1 PCs.

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Special One-Shot Halloween D&D Session Tonight

Since we began doing weekly D&D sessions over two years ago, I’ve always wanted to do a special Halloween ‘episode.’ As the regular DM it was always too much for me to prepare on top of the regular campaign.

Now, however, I’m currently a player in our “Storm King’s Thunder” campaign, giving me the perfect excuse to temporarily don my DM hat once more and invite my group for a spooky, haunted evening of thrills and scares.

Our Halloween one-shot session will take place tonight, Monday October 30, beginning at 7pm Pacific/10 pm Eastern, streaming on my YouTube channel.

I’ll be adapting the one-shot adventure “The Haunt” from the DMs Guild. I’ve custom built the map in Roll20 and made several changes to downscale the 4th/5h level adventure for our 3rd level party, while keeping it scary as hell. We’ll be bringing in characters from previous one-shot adventures, and we’ll have at least one new character as well.

I think of this group as The Defenders of our D&D Cinematic Universe. They take care of the street-level threats while the big Avengers team tackles the world-threatening Giant uprising. Best of all – this one-shot will in no way interrupt our regular weekly adventures with the A-team.

Tune in tonight for extra bonus D&D goodness!