D&D 5E “Storm King’s Thunder” Session 38 Recap

Korinn is forced into a duel for control of her old blue dragonborn tribe.

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Previously on “Storm King’s Thunder”

The weather was bitterly cold but the air around us was electric. The entire warband of blue dragonborn had turned out. Many looked to Korinn like a returning savior, while others spat at her feet.

Unfortunately for us, Rygen was firmly in the latter camp. Despite Korinn’s attempts at diplomacy, only a test of strength would decide who would lead the tribe from here, and Rygen wasn’t going down without a fight.

We had taken turns bestowing various blessings, spells, and magical artifacts on our dragonborn sorcerer. She was nervous, but resolute.

A ring was formed around the two blue dragonborn. Rygen towered over his brethren, put his hands together and pulled them apart, lighting arcing between them until a blade of living lightning materialized in his hands.

“Step forward and face me in single combat, Korinn.”

[NOTE: This will be a shorter recap, as I was wholly absent for this entire session thanks to the flu]

This week we took the fight to the aggressive neighboring blue dragonborn tribe – Korinn’s tribe, forcing her into a duel for control of the warband. Continue reading “D&D 5E “Storm King’s Thunder” Session 38 Recap”