D&D Halloween Special – Secrets of the Blind Palace Recap

We uncover the mysteries surrounding a doomed adventuring party within this cursed high-class mansion retreat.

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Filkur, lvl 3 Gnome Druid of the Land
Scarlet O’Fair, lvl 3 Human Paladin of Devotion
Falafel, lvl 3 Half-Elf Bard of Lore

It had been two years since our last one-shot Halloween special. Secrets of the Blind Palace starred those same level 3 B-team PCs, albeit with a reduced party, as we explored a cursed and not-so-abandoned pleasure palace to discover the truth behind a previous adventuring expedition.

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DMs Guild Review – Secrets of the Blind Palace

A well-crafted haunted mansion adventure for 3rd level.

A review copy of “Secrets of the Blind Palace” was provided by the publisher. Find more DMs Guild Reviews on my website and YouTube channel.

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Designed by:  Tal Aviezer

Secrets of the Blind Palace” is a haunted mansion dungeon adventure designed for 3rd level. It’s by the same designer as “Attack on Coppercoil,” and features an even more intricately detailed dungeon with suitably spooky encounters, a cleverly interwoven investigation, and a meaningful series of choices at the end.

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