DMs Guild Review – Secrets of Valeguard Spire

A short DM supplement for the PC headquarters in the Chronicles of Sorrow.

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Designed by:  Blaise Wigglesworth

Secrets of Valeguard Spire” sounds like the title of an intriguing D&D adventure, but it’s actually an extremely short DM supplement based on the author’s level 1 adventure, “Sorrow’s Ruin” (which is excellent).

Specifically “Secrets of Valeguard Spire” expands upon an interesting element that’s added at the end of “Sorrow’s Ruin” – an inter-dimensional keep that the PCs gain as a base of operations. The supplement adds fun new abilities that are granted to every PC who joins up with the Valeguards, but would be better served in the next full adventure in this campaign, rather than as a tiny stand-alone supplement.

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