DMs Guild Review – Down Came a Blackbird

Investigate a series of avian-related murders with this level 3 adventure centered around the port village of Saltmarsh.

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Designed by: Stacey Allan

As a film student in college, I took a whole class on Alfred Hitchock, and one of Hitchock’s biggest films was The Birds, where a New England town is seemingly taken over by murderous swarms of birds for no apparent reason, leading to one of the most stupefying Don’t Go In There moments in horror cinema history.

Down Came a Blackbird,” an adventure designed for 3rd level, clearly draws its inspiration from the infamous Hitchcock film, as the residents of the port town of Saltmarsh have become victims to the increasingly erratic and violent behavior of the local birds. Since this is D&D, it involves a sea hag’s obsession, a violent peryton, and a town in need of some heroes.

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