DMs Guild Review – Heaven Is a Place on Faerun (Truly, Madly, Deeply Part 3)

Help a small town with a pesky insect-summoning wizard in this underwhelming adventure for 3rd level.

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Designed by: Chad Cray and Patrick Higingbotham (NZS Games)

dms guild reviewBalancing a written adventure with the ad-lib nature of D&D is tricky. How do you create content when the players and DM are actively creating their own content while playing? If you go too broad you risk not giving DMs enough information; go to too narrow and you stifle any creativity from the players.

Heaven is a Place on Faerun (Truly, Madly, Deeply Part 3)” suffers from the latter. It’s a short mini-adventure for a 3rd level party involving a town and a nearby dungeon that features a very specific delineation of events and characters.

A truly stellar story can make railroading your players worth it, and while the individually written characters are surprisingly deep, the actual story presented here isn’t very compelling.

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