Darkest Dungeon Episode 05 will air Friday, Oct. 26.

It’s time for my second boss fight, The Weald’s Wizened Hag in week 12.
I went in with a powerful squad, all level 3, of some of my best heroes. But the Weald is stressful as hell, with long hallways that sap my torchlight. The boss room was in one of the last rooms I found (far different than the Swine Prince), though I was able to rest and recuperate somewhat beforehand.
My awesome Grave Robber was saddled with a Paranoid Affliction early on, and everyone was a bit stressed going into the boss.

The hag was awful. She could grab someone and throw them into her pot, taking them out of my lineup and doing 4 damage/round. I was forced to use my attacks on the pot to free them, which meant hardly ever attacking her. And messing up my lineup order was a huge pain.

At one point near the end I made the cortical decision to attack the hag instead of the pot, putting my poor stalwart leper Lynom at death’s door. But it worked out, I was able to kill her, and everyone survived – barely! Nearly everyone had to immediately get some stress relief and disease treatment afterward. Definitely my most harrowing mission yet.

Afterward I did a Short mission in the Weald, trying out the Man-at-arms class. He’s got some nice support buffs but once again the Weald caused me all kinds of stress, afflicting my Jester. I’m glad I have a deep roster as things are definitely getting more challenging…


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