I’ll be peppering my live Let’s Plays with some offline gameplay. To help remember what happened, and to regale you of any drama, I’ll be writing these Field Reports between Episodes.

Darkest Dungeon Episode 04 will air tonight, Monday Oct. 22.

Week 10

The stress-relieving Abbey was free this week, but I actually passed The Swine Prince boss fight with such flying colors that everyone was stress-free, though my awesome Grave Robber Fitzherbert needed to be treated for disease. Stupid Warrens.

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Mission: Warrens, Medium, Explore 90% rooms


  • Reynauld, lvl 2 Crusader
  • Paris, lvl 1 Abomination
  • Bonneth, lvl 1 Vestel
  • Vane, lvl 1 Arbalest

This was my first time using an Abomination (who received a free level up in one of the weekly events). It’s an interesting class with the ability to transform into a monstrous werewolf-like form, which grants powerful melee abilities at the cost of stressing everyone out a bit. His human form has a really solid stun ability that came in very handy as well.

Thanks to some luck with scouting I found my first secret room, and it was fairly close and easy to reach. A good reason to always carry a key, as it provided a gigantic haul of treasure.

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With the secret room plundered I received my biggest payout yet, about 12k, nearly doubling my money!

Unfortunately while I was never in danger of dying (Bonneth is a stellar healer) I did get saddled with lots of stress. I was able to reduce quite a bit from some camping skills but both Vane and Reynauld ended up with stress in the 50s by the end. Worse, Vane got two diseases and Paris one, ugh. Stupid Warrens! Poor Vane will be out for awhile.

Week 11

Another big recruiting week with 6 bonus heroes. I was able to afford the bigger roster upgrade, so now I can hold up to 16 different heroes at a time!

Unfortunately the only new class available was a Man-at-Arms named Briqueville. I recruited him then stuck him in treatment to get rid of his kleptomania.

let's play

It’s interesting that recruiting heroes is completely free. Since some of my heroes will be out for multiple weeks, it’s going to help having a big roster that I can rotate between, provided I keep them all decently leveled.

Mission: Weald, Short, Explore 90% of rooms


  • Lynom, lvl 2 leper
  • Engerrand, lvl 3 Bounty Hunter
  • Bonneth, lvl 2 Vestel
  • Fitzherbert, lvl 2 Grave Robber

This is one of my best teams, and with a short mission I expected very little resistance. The Weald’s defining feature is its very long rooms, resulting in lots of needed torch light. Bonneth comes in handy with her attacks that restore torchlight during combat.

For some reason the damn enemy forces seemed to know how useful that was, and targeted her in nearly every fight! Despite using Lynom’s Protection to Mark himself.

Poor Bonneth ended up with nearly 100 stress! I sent her to the Abbey for meditation. I also remembered I could purchase different camping skills, including having a fourth available for each hero. That should come in handy during longer missions.

The next week brings a +15% Virtue Chance, so I think it’s time to take on my next boss, either the first of the Ruins or the Weald (have yet to even enter the Cove).

Darkest Dungeon Episode 04 will air tonight, Monday Oct. 22.

Look for more Field Reports throughout the week. Watch my Let’s Play live streams every Monday.