DLC: War of the Chosen, Tactical Legacy Pack, Resistance Warrior Pack
Mods: Commander’s Choice
Difficulty: Veteran

Episode 08: Everybody’s on Fire

M11: Operation Steel Face – Destroy the Alien Relay

  • Sgt. Halfred ‘Wombatman’ Bwayne (Sharpshooter)
  • Sq. Bryseis ‘Daemon’ Esterborn (Grenadier)
  • Cpl. Harshnag ‘Mox’ Giant (Skirmisher)
  • Lt. Gillian ‘Triton’ Flounderson (Specialist)
  • Lt. Georgiano ‘George’ Tortle (Ranger)

M12: Operation Magic Pipe – Escape Covert Action

  • Sgt. Calder ‘Inquisitor’ Mannix (Sharpshooter)
  • Sgt. Therin ‘Beast’ Bristlebeard (Ranger)

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