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Previously on Rime of the Frostmaiden

Valravn, level 8 Eladrin Bard of Eloquence
Fray, level 8 Halfling Barbarian of the Beast/Fighter
Celeste, level 8 Half-orc Sun Soul Monk
Edmond, Level 8 Human Alchemist Artificer
Thimbleweed, level 8 Gnome Swarmkeeper Ranger

The Marshals had survived the arena, completed the vault puzzle, and received their rewards, but they weren’t done with Jarlmoot yet.

Waiting for them outside is a frost giant atop a wooly mammoth — Bergelmir! The same frost giant they had met earlier who had told them of this location. He’s holding their goblin friend, Blista, and demanding they give over the treasure from the vault.

Naturally, they refuse.

According to the dice this session, the frost giant is far more bark than bite. But Francine the mammoth helps make up for his inadequacy!

The Marshals are still heavily wounded and drained from the arena fight. They didn’t even get a chance to short rest due to the short window they had to complete the vault puzzle and get the treasure.

Bergelmir is banking on this, taking advantage of their weakened state. But the party is tenacious, and Bergelmir rolls dead last in initiative — argh!

Edmond casts Faerie Fire, blanketing the giant and the mammoth in glitter dust and conferring advantage to the party throughout the battle.

Celeste climbs a giant throne and fires off radiant blasts, while Edmond’s summoned reindeer (from the previous session) charges the mammoth and nearly knocks her prone!

Thimbleweed and Fray attack with arrow and axe (the latter raging and scrambling up the mammoth to hit the giant), but it’s Valravn who finally saves Blista with a Suggestion spell, forcing the giant to gently drop the struggling goblin.

Remembering Valravn’s manipulative magic, the mammoth charges the elf, but he deflects using Silvery Barbs, his last spell slot.

The giant hurls a net at Fray, sending her tumbling down the mammoth, while he lances at Valravn and Edmond, striking the former.

But the giant is a big target, and the PCs converge, including blinding chardalyn arrows from Thimbleweed. Edmond’s other summoned animal, a giant goat, rips the net off Fray. Celeste leaps from the chair onto the mammoth to strike the giant.

The mammoth backs up and charges, this time goring Valravn and knocking him unconscious. Francine bellows in triumph!

Rime of the frostmaiden session 50 jarlmoot fight

But on the giant’s turn, he’s down to three hit points. He uses his attacks to grapple and throw Fray, who’s scampered back on top of the mammoth (after Celeste’s hit and run), then dismounts and limps away, trailing blood.

Thimbleweed fires an arrow right through his eye, killing him. Stone cold!

The giant is down, but the mammoth is still in a rampage.

Edmond tries to cast Animal Friendship from a scroll (we have special house rules that allow anyone to use any scroll with a skill check), but she somehow makes the WIS save. How DARE someone else try to trick her with magic! With Valravn downed she turns her attention to Edmond, and gores him with her mighty tusks. With fewer than 20 hit points, Edmond goes down.

Francine with 2 KOs!

Celeste stabilizes Valravn while Fray and Thimbleweed lay into the mammoth. Francine is nearly killed, but in the next round Fray climbs on top of the massive beast and rolls a nat 20 on Animal Handling, attempting to wrest control of the mammoth. With her excellent roll, Giant language proficiency, and the mammoth’s incredibly weakened state, Francine submits to Fray’s authority.

Fray even has the audacity to give Francine one of her greater healing potions, despite having two unconscious party members!

The battle is finally over. The giant is dead, and the party help themselves to his giant-size version of Keogthom’s Ointment (more doses and more healing). Fray continues to ride Francine, convincing her to help load up their unconscious party members into the wagon.

The Marshals head back toward Ten Towns for a much needed long rest — plus a level up!

On the way back, Fray and Francine spot a herd of mammoths in the distance, and Fray has the satisfaction of reuniting Francine with her herd, a rare happy ending.

Next time: a level up, and a new destination!

MVPC – Fray

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Live streamed and uploaded every week on YouTube. Join us live on Fridays at 7:30 pm Pacific/10:30 pm Eastern!

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