Four Great Deckbuilder Card Battlers [Pixelkin]

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Slay the Spire’s successful year-plus Early Access run and launch last year helped popularize an exciting new genre. While “card battler” could be used to describe digital adaptations of collectible card games like Magic: The Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh, it’s increasingly used to describe RPGs, roguelikes, and strategy games that happen to use cards to represent items, buildings, or abilities.

If you’re looking for more excellent card battlers besides Slay the Spire, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites.

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Let’s Play Gloomhaven TTS Episode 17

We play Gloomhaven on Tabletop Simulator!

Scenario #40

Piccolo, level 5 Quatryl Soothsinger (Eric)
Dr. Toboggan, level 5 Human Sawbones (Chris)
Scourge, level 5 Harrower Plagueherald (Heather)

TTS Mod: Gloomhaven – Fantasy Setup (Scripted UI)

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Work Doesn’t Suck in Good Company [Escapist]

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Playing Good Company taught me that I do not have what it takes to run an electronics manufacturing business, even when the employees are little more than autonomous drones. When production is stalled due to a missing component in my increasingly complex logistical chain, I’m more likely found hiding in a corner hugging my knees than addressing the problem.

Good Company is a sim management game currently available via Steam Early Access, putting the player in charge of a burgeoning tech company making everything from calculators to advanced drones and robots.

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