DMs Guild Review – Weekend at Strahd’s

A radical one-shot adventure filled to the max with totally awesome 80s references, dude!

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Designed by: Anthony Joyce and Oliver Clegg

I can now check off “adventures based on entire decades” off my review list. Weekend at Strahd’s is technically a one-shot D&D adventure for levels 5-10. But in reality it’s a goofy, over-the-top collection of references from the 1980s masquerading as a D&D adventure.

Your love of 80s pop culture (80s movies in particular) will directly affect your enjoyment of this otherwise well-produced, richly formatted one-shot.

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Crossing Souls Review [Pixelkin]

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My generation (I’m in my 30s) has an indomitable passion for the 1980s. The appeal waxes from fun nostalgia to tiresome and cynical. Sometimes you get brilliant results like Stranger Things, other times it’s a disastrous grab bag like Ready Player One.

Crossing Souls lies somewhere in between, proudly wearing its 80s setting on its denim jacket sleeve. The retro animated cutscenes help bring the surprisingly heavy story to life, but it’s dragged down by poor controls, repetitive combat, and strictly linear level design.

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