Disney Tsum Tsum Festival Review [Pixelkin]

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The Nintendo Switch has a slew of Mario Party-like mini-game collections, including Mario Party itself. But none bring the inexplicable gush of joy from kids (and some adults) like Tsum Tsum.

Disney Tsum Tsum Festival transforms the mobile puzzle game into a multiplayer party game for up to four players locally or online, starring the adorably chubby and popular Tsum Tsum toys.

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Has a Nostlagia Problem [Pixelkin]

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A YA-friendly, easy-to-play action-adventure that explores and celebrates Disney animated movies should be a winning formula. It certainly was in 2002 when the original Kingdom Hearts launched on the PlayStation 2. The popularity of the series and decade plus drought of a main-line game created a huge amount of anticipation for Kingdom Hearts 3.

Unfortunately, Kingdom Hearts 3 feels like a PS2 game in all the worst ways.

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Disney Villainous Review [Pixelkin]

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A good villain usually makes for a good story, and one of Disney’s strengths throughout every era was its memorable cast of villains. Some, like Maleficent, have even become more popular than their heroic rivals. Yet we’ve never seen a tabletop game that focuses solely on the darker side of the Disney universe, until now.

Disney Villainous is an elegantly constructed, asymmetrical card game where you play as one of six classic Disney villains. Each villain has their own deck of cards, player board, and goals, all of which reflect their sinister machinations in each film. Being bad never felt so good.

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My Thoughts on Star Wars: The Last Jedi

I still choke up a little bit when the words STAR WARS explode onto the screen and that John Williams fanfare kicks off. I had a bumper sticker in high school that proudly declared “My Other Vehicle is an X-Wing Fighter.” I read the books, played the video games, loved the re-releases in the 90s and the prequels in the early aughts (before we all collectively came together and declared them bad).

I’m a Star Wars fan, and I enjoyed The Last Jedi.


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Disneyland 2016

I recap our first big family vacation to Disneyland and California Adventure in February 2016.

Disneyland entrance

My family has a big thing for Disneyland. My mom spent her formative childhood years growing up in Southern California. Many of her favorite memories come from day trips to the park.

The cool thing about Disneyland (and what Disney purists tend to mention every chance they get) is that it’s been around since 1955, with many of its original rides still intact and operational. It’s an impressive feat, and really special for that generation that can return and share those experiences with their grandkids.

My wife and I also got engaged on our last trip to Disneyland in 2010. I proposed right in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.

This trip was my four year old daughter’s first visit to Disneyland. It was also her first plane ride and first time leaving our home state of Texas. And all of this merely a week after I had an exhausting weekend trip with PAX South! Continue reading “Disneyland 2016”