Roll20 Review – Empire of the Ghouls

Uncover a sinister plot by the underworld Darakhul Imperium in the fantasy world of Midgard in this level 1-12 campaign for DnD 5e.

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The ghoul kingdom rules vast stretches of the Underworld region of Midgard, but lately  the sentient flesh-eaters have been making significant power-plays onto the surface world.

Empire of the Ghouls takes players to the underbelly of the free city of Zobeck, the frosty tundra of Huldramose, and the desert necropolis of Siwal before venturing into the underground darakhoul city of Vendekhul to thwart a nefarious plot in a DnD 5e campaign that spans levels 1-12.

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Tabletop Review: Warlock #1 + Warlock Lair 1

A press copy of Warlock #1 and Warlock Lair 1 was provided for the purposes of this review.

Designed by: Wolfgang Baur, Troy E. Taylor, Ben McFarland, Richard Green, Dan Dillon, Jon Sawatsky
Published by: Kobold Press

WarlockKobold Press recently launched a Patreon campaign for a bi-monthly RPG sourcebooklet called Warlock. Warlock uses the 5E SRD to produce material that’s compatible with Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition. In may ways Warlock represents Kobold Press’ return to their roots of Kobold Quarterly.

Warlock specifically dives into the lore, characters, and locations of Midgard, Kobold Press’ fantasy world and RPG campaign setting. Warlock is designed as a mini-sourcebook, though any DM could be properly inspired from the material presented here.

The first issue is small, both physically and in length, clocking in at 20 pages. It’s printed on thick card stock with black and white art. Its size belies the deep material inside, including a detailed overview of the evil land of Beldestan, a greenhouse of mutated plant life that would make Poison Ivy proud, and rules for those who venture too close to the Void.

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