How to Play Gloomhaven Tutorial Video

I put together a rather lengthy tutorial video on how to play Gloomhaven the board game via Tabletop Simulator.

TTS Mod: Gloomhaven – Fantasy Setup (Scripted UI)

Ranking all 21 Pre-Endgame MCU Films!

I’ll be out today watching Avengers: Endgame, but earlier this week most of the D&D gang got together for a few hours to rank all 21 pre-Endgame MCU films!

Let’s Play – XCOM 2: War of the Chosen Episode 11: Zombie Hide ‘N Seek

DLC: War of the Chosen, Tactical Legacy Pack, Resistance Warrior Pack
Mods: Commander’s Choice
Difficulty: Veteran

Episode 11: Zombie Hide ‘N Seek

M16: Operation Driving Fear – Sabotage the Transmitter (SITREP – The Horde)

  • Lt. Therin ‘Best’ Bristlebeard (Ranger)
  • Sgt. Undril ‘The Order’ Silvertusk (Specialist)
  • Cpt. Gillian ‘Triton’ Flounderson (Specialist)
  • Sgt. Miri ‘The Monk’ Greycastle (Ranger)
  • Sgt. Azaka ‘Tiger’ Stormfang (Skirmisher)
  • Sq. Khaless ‘Assassin’ Torurden (Ranger)

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