D&D 5E “Shadow of the Wild” Recap

One-shot mini-adventure! We explore a forest and discover the truth behind some mysterious disappearances.

Since I relinquished DMing to one of my players for this special one-shot mini-adventure, I’m also letting him write this recap! Enjoy.

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by Chris

With our normal “Princes of the Apocalypse” adventures briefly delayed, our group decided this week to do something different, and switch to a one-week, one-shot adventure with a brand new party of adventurers, and suddenly I find myself not in the player seat, but in the role of the DM.

Our story started quickly, with four traveling adventurers running across a notice calling for help. Answering the call, the party located the village elder and introduce themselves; Havelock the sea pirate human cleric, Gramosk the reckless half-orc barbarian, Aurenia the half-elf Bard, and Ialeth the wood elf ranger [we started at level 2 for the purposes of this adventure -EW].

The elder explains that villagers have begun to missing and the animals in the surrounding forest have begun acting erratic and dangerously. The elders son had also gone into the forest with some friends to stop whatever was happening, but they had also disappeared, not to return. He begged the party to venture forth and stop the curse and save his people and son.

After a few questions, the party ventured out to the forest, first scaling a hill to get a sense of the land, noting the swamp to the east. Both the barbarian and the ranger had experience with the woods, but that didn’t stop the barbarian from immediately walking directly into a thinly veiled pit trap and falling in. The adventure begins! Continue reading “D&D 5E “Shadow of the Wild” Recap”