DriveThruRPG Review – Monsters of Murka

Satirical sourcebook of United States culture, politics, and cities.

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Designed by: Action Fiction

Making fun of the United States of America isn’t exactly a challenging endeavor. Our culture of celebrities, excess, and ignorance pretty much mocks itself at every opportunity. Satire can be a bit more difficult, but when carefully crafted and applied, can contain a multitude of messages and realizations draped in humor.

Monsters of Murka is an effective satire of American culture and politics, a sourcebook for a fantasy world that reflects our current (or at least, circa 2016-17) state of political divisiveness alongside huge leaps in social media, technology, and globalization. Not all of it is overtly clever, but there’s more than enough content, including new player options, to craft an entire campaign in the tumultuous land of Murka.

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