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The penultimate episode of season seven splits up between three different storylines as we march toward a confrontation with Negan and the Saviors. We finally saw a return to the Oceanside community, witnessed Sasha’s imprisonment at Savior HQ and were reminded that Gregory is a scheming coward at the Hilltop.

At the end of episode 12, Tara finally confessed to Rick her secret. After their recent struggles finding weapons, she reveals that she had found an entire community, isolated and packing tons of weaponry. The all-female group known as Oceanside was introduced in Tara’s terrible solo episode. They had fought the Saviors previously and paid a terrible price, and now want nothing more than to be left alone.

That’s not good enough for our group, who take on a shockingly aggressive role to take their guns by force. With Tara’s intel, Rick, Michonne, Daryl and others plan an impressive assault.