This week I ran a series of polls for patrons to vote on which player characters they want to see in our next D&D campaign.

As revealed in our announcement video (above), Chris is DMing our next adventure. It’s starting at level 13, and starring our previous characters in an Avengers-style mash-up.

I asked patrons to vote on which of our previous characters, including from one-shot sessions, they’d like to see the most (players get final pick of course!).

Here are the results with the number of votes. Thank you to everyone who voted!


Kazin, half elf great old one warlock/paladin of devotion (4)
Havelock, human tempest cleric (2)
Corven, kenku monk of the long death (3)
New PC! (13)


Miri, human elemental monk (5)
Bryseis, tiefling wild magic sorcerer (6)
Khaless, half-drow assassin rogue (2)
Scarlet, human paladin of devotion (11)


Korinn, dragonborn draconic sorcerer (6)
Gillian, triton bard of whispers (12)
Zinli, gnome rogue (4)


Kethra, half-elf arcane trickster rogue (9)
Halfred, halfling hunter ranger (1)
George, tortle battle master fighter/rogue (5)
Falafel, half-elf bard college of lore (7)


Talus, human wizard (4)
TIM, warforged fighter/cleric (14)
Therin, dwarf druid of the moon (0)
Gramosk, half-orc barbarian (3)